Individual and Team Coaching 

Suicide Awareness

“Veterinarians are 2.8 times more likely to commit suicide
than the general US population”

(Petrova, 2022,

mourning a friend

Have you lost a friend or colleague to suicide? Most of us in veterinary medicine have been directly or indirectly affected by suicide. The tragic loss of a colleague is what prompted Erica to pursue professional training to not only educate herself but to be able to offer the tools to her clients.

Erica is taking her skills to the next level by obtaining further training with LivingWorks. With over 35 years of experience empowering individuals to save lives, LivingWorks offers a range of programs that are trusted by professionals and accessible to anyone. Their common language, philosophy, and approach enable participants to work together seamlessly in creating safety networks for those in need, making a real difference in their communities. Erica’s first step in training was with LivingWorks Start where she learned to recognize signs of suicide and take life-saving action with.

This is an easy add-on to another training or workshop. We will review the basic steps of LivingWorks TRAC system. We will then ask for role-play to practice the steps. Sometimes, having hard conversations is uncomfortable so practice will help relieve the fear or discomfort.

IN HONOR of her colleague Jay, who died of suicide in 2023, Erica will donate to Not One More Vet (NOMV) every time a client uses these services.

If you are concerned for yourself, a team mate or someone else, please ask for this brief and invaluable session to be added!  Request a Consultation.