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Gallup Strengths Coaching

Erica’s Leading Strenth is Individualization

which means “People exceptionally talented in the Individualization theme are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. They have a gift for figuring out how different people can work together productively” (Gallup, 2023,

As my Strength shows, I have the ability to see each individual’s unique set of strengths and abilities. Being a Certified Strengths Coach gives me the tools to teach you to recognize your potential and harness your strengths to boost your performance and achieve great success. This training can boost your team’s productivity by embracing each person’s individuality.

Are you ready to Increase your Employee Engagement and Transform your Team Culture?

This training will guide purpose-driven discussions that leverage individuals’ Gallup Strengths to achieve their goals. As a certified coach, Erica will facilitate conversations centered around utilizing you and your team’s Gallup Strengths to help them fulfill their purpose. We will start with your Leadership Team’s assessments then present to the entire team to learn how the team can lean into their strengths. Additionally, we can offer 1:1 coaching with individuals to uncover every team member’s innate talents. If Well-Being is a concern, try our Team Well-Being Index coaching.

Are you tired of the “us vs them” mentality at work?

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Once you complete the form, we will contact you to setup an initial conversation. Once Strengths Coaching is agreed upon, we will order the books for each team member and send instructions and timelines to complete tasks. We will also schedule 1-3 staff meetings to facilitate the discovery and implementation of Gallup Strengths.

We look forward to FYR’ing up your Satisfaction at Work!

In addition to FYR Consulting’s rich history in veterinary medicine, Erica brings a wealth of experience from diverse industries. She has spent two years teaching for the government, specifically at the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, and has also been involved with the J. Sargent Reynolds Workforce Alliance. In addition, Erica has provided coaching services to individuals in the healthcare sector, such as Anthem, as well as in higher education institutions like Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond.

For a period of five years, Erica successfully managed a small IT Consulting Firm, where she collaborated with and delivered presentations to IT C-Suite executives in private, non-profit, and government organizations. Even if you are not working in veterinary medicine, Erica is delighted to offer her services for individual coaching or team workshops tailored to your specific needs. Her expertise extends beyond the veterinary field, and she is eager to assist you and your team in achieving your goals.

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