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As a Certified Diversity Practitioner, Erica can consult and advise your leadership team on diversity practices that will allow your team to be more diverse, allowing your clinic to represent the diverse pet owners who trust you with their pets. The CDP® credential is an expert certification that focuses on the practical aspects of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. By completing this professional qualification, individuals can improve their cultural awareness and help their organization foster a more inclusive and equitable workplace environment.

Did you know that “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that 92% of veterinary technicians are white, 10% are Hispanic or Latino, 3% are Black or African American, and 1% are Asian. 89.1% of All Veterinarians Are White. Only 1.7% of veterinarians belong to the black race. The second most common race among veterinarians is Asian — 4.23%.1.4% of veterinarians are American Indians. (Source: DataUSA). Future teams need to also consider neurodiversity and generational differences. As the population changes so should your team!

diversity in clinics

Minority underrepresentation in the veterinary profession has always been a problem. Learning more about this massive issue can help find solutions. In companies with diverse management teams, openness to ideas/contributions from lower level employees and nurturing an environment where diverse perspectives are valued are critical traits in fostering innovation ( Diversity is important to keep pace with the demographics of the future workforce and pet owner population.

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