Individual and Team Coaching 

DISC Practitioner

According to recent surveys: “31% of veterinary staff said they are very likely to leave vet med in the next two years (Merck) and Veterinary Technicians have a turnover rate of 26% (AVMA).


Everything DiSC Workplace® goes beyond being just another self-assessment. Its primary focus is enhancing each individual’s ability to work harmoniously with others, communicate effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and foster positive relationships with colleagues and management. Investing in your current team can lead to higher engagement and lower turnover by utilizing DiSC insights such as:

  • Each teammember’s unique DiSC style, encompassing unique priorities, inclinations, and nuances.
  • A comprehensive overview of the various DiSC styles on your team, enabling each employee to understand how to interact with each style.
  • Strategies and recommendations to enhance effectiveness in different work scenarios.
  • Valuable tips and suggestions for strengthening working relationships with all members of the team.
  • By leveraging the insights provided by Everything DiSC Workplace, teams can gain a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals and groups, leading to improved collaboration, communication, and overall workplace satisfaction.
Disc Workshops and Trainings

Choose from our various trainings and workshops:

  • Individual Assessments
  • Manager/Leadership Assessments
  • Group Workshops
  • Well-Being Workshops
  • Agile EQ, which allows each person to understand how to work outside of their comfort zone
  • From 60 minute coaching sessions to half-day/full-day workshops, FYR Consulting has the DiSC Solution for you and your team!

We look forward to FYR’ing up your Satisfaction at Work!

In addition to FYR Consulting’s rich history in veterinary medicine, Erica also brings a wealth of experience from diverse industries. She has spent two years teaching for the government, specifically at the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, and has also been involved with the J. Sargent Reynolds Workforce Alliance. In addition, Erica has provided coaching services to individuals in the healthcare sector, such as Anthem, as well as in higher education institutions like Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond.

For a period of five years, Erica successfully managed a small IT Consulting Firm, where she collaborated with and delivered presentations to IT C-Suite executives in private, non-profit, and government organizations. Even if you are not working in veterinary medicine, Erica is delighted to offer her services for individual coaching or team workshops tailored to your specific needs. Her expertise extends beyond the veterinary field, and she is eager to assist you and your team in achieving your goals.

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