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FYR Consulting Affiliates

Erica’s primary goal, as the owner of a women-owned business, is to champion and uplift fellow women-owned enterprises within the veterinary medicine industry. While she wholeheartedly supports all small businesses, Erica places special emphasis on the significance of empowering women entrepreneurs. If you require other services, below is a list of women-owned businesses supported and recommended by FYR Consulting

Habit Money:


Habit Money is a personal finance platform that empowers women to take ownership of their financial futures. It’s not like all the other budgeting and savings apps — it’s a mindfulness journey that helps you overcome the anxiety that comes with money, make values-aligned decisions, and achieve your financial goals. Plus, it’s text based and there’s a real human on the other side 🙂 It’s like Noom for personal finance!

Transformation Group


Transformation Group includes a group of talented advisors, negotiators, marketers, and financial analysts. As a healthcare or veterinary practice owner, you’ll be led through the sale of your business by our team. We’ll get you to an outcome that aligns with your personal goals and your vision for the future of the business you worked hard to build. With large capital infusions from private equity firms, corporate buyer processes have become more sophisticated and complex. We have an intimate understanding of this process from start to finish having worked for corporate buyers in business development. Through our extensive experience, we have streamlined and improved the sales journey for practice owners making one of the biggest decisions of their life. We seek to understand every facet of your business, culture, and financials so that we can get you the best and highest offers with favorable terms.

Not One More Vet


NOMV’s mission is to transform the status of mental wellness in the profession so veterinary professionals can survive and thrive through education, resources, and support.



Joy of Pets, is a trusted organic pet nutraceutical company founded by two veterinarians. Our flagship product, Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews with UC-II, is a collagen-based joint supplement for dogs. According to multiple studies, UC-II is a scientifically proven collagen that is 59% more effective than glucosamine. Jope offers a hypo-allergenic solution for dogs suffering from arthritis and other joint issues. Backed by science and trusted by veterinarians, made in the USA with organic ingredients in an FDA & NASC-approved facility, we guarantee premium quality. Give your pup the gift of mobility and a happy, active life with Jope, ensuring years of companionship by your side.



Stratocyte is the Etsy for veterinary specialty care! We are a virtual marketplace where independent veterinary specialists can offer consultations directly to other veterinarians across the world. We are bringing specialty care to every pet everywhere! Both primary care veterinarians and specialists can sign up for a free account on our website and start consulting today!