Individual and Team Coaching 

Are you NOT seeing the service you need?

  • Did you read through the services and not find exactly what you wanted?
  • Are you interested in a workshop down the road but right now, you really need help with recruiting strategies?
  • Are you a high ‘C’ on the DiSC scale and would like to see more data and discuss options before making a decision?

Erica is happy to schedule a 30 -60-minute introduction meeting.

She prefers to meet in person and is happy to come to your location. When is the last time you went out to lunch? Shall we meet somewhere delicious?

Or do you prefer a video meeting at first because you barely get lunch breaks? We use Microsoft Teams and will happily send you a calendar invite for a video chat. We are flexible to meet your needs.

If you are tired of petty arguments and last-minute sick employees calling out?

If so, let’s get started on your introduction conversation NOW!

Fill out the request for meeting and choose Advisory in the dropdown. CALL TO ACTION