Individual and Team Coaching 

“My job now is to try and help people understand that every one of us makes a difference. And cumulatively, wise choices in how we act each day can begin to change the world”

-Jane Goodall

Simple Steps to Success

Drawing on her 25 years of industry experience, Erica has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by teams. Her ultimate goal is to provide you and your team with the tools and strategies necessary to foster a culture of engagement and connectedness, enabling you to achieve greater success and satisfaction in your work.

Erica Emmett with her Dog

As a Coach,

Erica is embarking on a new venture, where she will offer teams and their leadership valuable trainings and workshops. Her sessions will primarily focus on personality assessments and communication skills, which will enable a better understanding of each team member’s strengths, communication styles, and the dynamics between team members and management. By uncovering these strengths and enhancing communication, teams can work cohesively, resulting in a more content and productive environment.

In addition, Erica’s services will include well-being and diversity presentations that offer a comprehensive understanding of the clinic’s employee experiences. These presentations will delve into issues of inclusion, belonging, and provide growth and development opportunities for team members. Given the current state of employee engagement in the workforce, Erica’s coaching will foster a healthy dialogue among colleagues and create an open and supportive environment. Ultimately, Erica’s goal is to reignite the spark and passion for work.

Erica’s ability to connect with people

in a way that makes them feel heard is one of her key strengths.

Her passion for empowering individuals and resolving workplace dissatisfaction has motivated her to start her own business. The tragic loss of a colleague and friend to suicide has driven her to act swiftly and find ways to alleviate the burden that many in the veterinary medicine field are facing.

In 1999, Erica began her journey in veterinary medicine while residing in Beijing, China. After rescuing two gravely ill kittens and nursing them back to health, she realized her true passion. Fortunately, she connected with an American veterinarian living in Beijing who became her mentor and laid the groundwork for a rewarding career. Over the years, Erica has gained diverse experiences in various areas of veterinary medicine, including kennel assistance, team leadership at a large corporate hospital, food and pharmaceutical sales, and, most recently, as a Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention.

Erica and her husband, along with two children, three dogs, two cats, and a hamster, reside in Richmond, VA. She recently earned her M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. Being a first-generation college student in a bi-racial marriage, diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging are core principles that underlie all of her training initiatives. Her ultimate goal is to instill a sense of joy in the field of veterinary medicine by enabling every individual to recognize their value and discover their rightful place.

Erica Emmett presenting